Seesmic is a suite of social media management tools for enterprise social media managers.

Agency: Carnes Media


Seesmic suffered from an inconsistent brand and UI style across their multiple tools and properties. We fixed that. They wanted to appeal to an enterprise audience and needed to clean up and streamline their brand presence and UI style. We refreshed the logo and identity and then delivered a comprehensive UI system to apply across their tools. We then applied that UI system to a complete redesign and development of

A visual system to unify and attract enterprise customers

Each of Seesmic’s products had been designed and developed by different people across the team and it showed. The look was dark and cluttered, and didn’t align with the enterprise audience they were targeting. To start, we reduced the logo to a simple but strong word mark, and relegated the Seesmic raccoon “mascot”, to a watermarked supporting brand asset, instead of the primary mark. We then created a UI system that was bright and bold, and communicated the power and agility that Seesmic offered.

A single UI system to rule
them all

After establishing the visual brand, we applied that look and feel to a flexible library of UI elements, to be applied across Seesmic’s suite of applications.

Work Contributed

  • User interface design system

  • Brand strategy

  • Logo design & identity


  • Web design

  • Marketing and advertising design