ActionSprout is a startup that makes social media tools for the nonprofit sector.


Big brands spend millions on social media every year, and our feeds are filled with their messages. What if causes could harness the same power to mobilize supporters? ActionSprout was created to help the nonprofit sector engage with their audiences on Facebook just as corporate brands do. From increasing page engagement, analyzing and replicating successful content, to harnessing the power of data to understand and mobilize supporters, ActionSprout provides unique tools and training to the non-profit community.

Inspiration Tool: Inspiration scans Facebook for the most engaging content relevant to your audiences, and allows you to quickly browse and share that content to your own page. This practice of curating highly engaging content increases overall engagement of your own page, and helps your posts get seen by more people.

Follow pages inside ActionSprout that have a similar purpose or shared audience and use the Inspiration tool to discover content that is getting above average engagement for those pages.

Share highly engaging content directly from the inspiration tool. Schedule the shared content to automatically post when supporters are actively logged in to Facebook, and more likely to see your post.

Reach more supporters: The winning combination of sharing curated content at times when supporters are active, increases overall reach and engagement of all your posts on Facebook, including original content.

Timeline Tool: See how your content is performing and why. Posts that perform above the average for your page are highly engaging. Reshare the content to capitalize on its previous success. Fans will not be shown the same post twice, and your reach will expand to new fans.

Social Actions: With increased engagement, it's time to run a social action. Create a Facebook optimized petition, poll, pledge, or any call to action that supporters can take. When supporters take the "action" they opt-in to share their info with your organization, and share the action with Facebook friends. Actions allow you to mobilize supporters, while building a robust active community.

The process

With a successful MVP, ActionSprout was looking to grow users with a complete redesign from the ground up. Through a collaborative process with the entire team, a new logo and brand, information architecture, and interaction library emerged, loosely based on Google's Material design framework.

Work Contributed

  • User experience design

  • User interface design

  • Information architecture

  • User research

  • Brand strategy

  • Logo design & identity

  • Website design
  • Marketing and advertising design
  • Front-end web development